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Sl. No.   Device Type-A Type-B Type-D FINAL DESCRIPTION
01 Control 7" Portable Touch Screen 1 1 1 7" Portable Display is a stylish way to offer total control of automation in the house. Residents can also view camera of Video Door Station (note that the Video Door Station is a separate product)
02 Front Door Station 1 1 1 The Video Door Station provides easy-to-use, secure communications between a visitor at the door and the resident inside a dwelling. When a guest pushes the built-in doorbell, the resident hears an alert and is shown video of the guest on a Portable Tablet. The resident can talk to the guest over the intercom and open the door with the press of a button.
03 Controller 1 1 1 The Controller provides intelligent control for Residential Solution, allowing residents to manage lighting, security. While individual Controllers can support a single room or small residence, Controllers can be added to provide on-screen TV navigation in the rooms. These compact devices are easy to mount behind a TV, on a wall, or in a rack so that residents can enjoy the power of on-screen control virtually anywhere.
04 My Home - Device License 1 1 1 The Smart Device License enables users to remotely connect, monitor and manage their automated residence through a smart device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android. Once the App is downloaded on the smart device, the Device License enables the user to manage the home using their smart device from virtually anywhere in the world. All this happens securely because only authorized devices can connect to the home system. The Device License is available as a subscription-based license.
05 Convenience Software Gateway 1 1 1 Gateway connect with the main Controller for enabling it to interface with end devices.
06 Lighting Switches 2 6 10 Touch Switch is a wireless relay device used to turn on/off electrical equipment such as geyser or lighting circuits using Android / iOS based tablet or capacitive touch points provided on the Touch Switch.
07 3-Button key pad 0 0 1 Three Button Keypad is a low power, multi-utility switch. This switch communicates wirelessly turns ON/OFF the lights and other connected devices. It can be used to control lamps or to invoke predefined scenes. Equipped with a gang of three switches, it can be fixed anywhere in the house without compromising on the aesthetics of the house.
08 Panic Button 1 1 1 Panic Button is a wireless device used in emergency situations, when an elderly person or children are left unattended at home. In case of emergency, when an elderly person or child presses the panic button, their guardian / caretaker gets alert on the touch pad. In addition, a message pops-up on the touch pad. Panic Button is a compact device. It can be either mounted at a specific, easy to access location on the wall or used as a wrist band.
09 Geyser / Heater On / Off 1 2 2 Concealed Relay is a wireless device used to turn ON/OFF electrical equipment such as geyser or lighting circuits using An droid / i OS based tablet or conventional switch located on the wall.
10 AC On / Off 1 2 2 Concealed Relay is a wireless device used to turn ON/OFF electrical equipment such as geyser or lighting circuits using An droid / i OS based tablet or conventional switch located on the wall.
11 Curtain control relay 1 1 2 Concealed Relay is a wireless device used to turn ON/OFF electrical equipment such as geyser or lighting circuits using An droid / i OS based tablet or conventional switch located on the wall.
12 Curtain Control Motor 1 1 2 Automated blinds in conjunction with curtain control relays make life easier and more enjoyable! Whether you simply wish to raise and lower blinds or need precise tilting control of blind slats. Automated blinds create living environments that are comfortable, energy efficient and add an element of convenience and luxury to any interior space. You no longer have to spend your time adjusting heavy blinds or reach over furniture to eliminate glare, simply press a button or create a schedule so that motorised blinds operate automatically…the choice is yours.
13 Safety Door lock 1 1 1 The Yale Real Living family of locks are full featured electronic locks.
The Yale Real Living locks support up to 250 user codes. The first user code (Slot 1) is reserved for the Master code and can only be changed at the lock keypad. The remaining 249 user slots can be modified over the air or at the keypad. Data log of all entries will be maintained and can be review at a later time. The door lock can be used to trigger a specific predefined scene when the resident uses his code. It will send alerts if wrong codes are entered or there is an attempt to tamper the door lock.
14 Wireless Door contact / Window Contacts 1 2 4 Intrusion Sensor is a wireless device that senses the opening and closing of door or window and alerts. Intrusion Sensor has two components a reed relay sensor and a magnetic contact. The reed relay sensor is fixed on the frame of the door/window, while the magnetic contact is fixed on the door/window at a distance of not more than 15 mm from the reed relay sensor. When a door or window is opened, the magnetic connection between the magnetic contact and the reed relay sensor is broken and an intrusion message is sent to the controller/gateway.
15 Wireless Motion detectors 0 2 4 Motion Detector is a wireless device that senses motion in its range of vision by using infrared signal and alerts the controller/gateway to issue commands to trigger an action, an event or several actions that provide security, convenience and comfort. Motion Detector can be used for a variety of applications ranging from security to comfort and convenience.
When in armed mode, this device offers security by providing indoor and outdoor surveillance of the house. It also offers convenience and comfort in the house by way of switching ON/OFF the lights in the porch, common areas etc., by sensing motion.
16 Gas Leak Detector-Zigbee 1 1 1 LPG Leakage Detector is a wireless device that detects the concentration of LPG in the air. When there is a leak in LPG and the concentration of the LPG reaches the pre-set value, the detector communicates the incidence to the controller/gateway wirelessly. On receiving communication of leak detection from LPG Leakage Detector, the controller/gateway alerts the homeowner via Touch Panel. If valve controller is installed then the controller will send command to shut the LPG supply flow control valve, thereby stopping further leakage of the LPG and preventing any serious damage to life and property.
17 Gas Valve Controller 1 1 1 Gas Valve Controller is an automatic wireless device that can be programmed to open or close valves for controlling LPG gas flow. This device works in combination with LPG Leakage Detector and alerts the controller/gateway to issue commands to close the LPG gas valve.
18 Communication Wireless Access point- Router 1 2 2 Creates wireles network within the house to enable remote control of all automated devices
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