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Architects Brief


The site is located on ECR Link road. Site is scenic yet well connected to the city’s business districts, educational institutions, IT hubs and shopping areas.


The site has a prominent location in terms of being located on the ECR Link road just 400 meter away from the ECR. It is surrounded by Lush greenery on all the three sides and the sea coast is just 2 km away. The Site is fairly ground with a nominal slope from north to South.


  • Northern entry into the development
  • Main access to the development is through a 12m wide road branching out into roads of 9m and 7.2 m widths respectively.
  • The units are designed to overlook into the central greens.
  • The club house strategically located at the centre is the focal point of the development.
  • The blocks within each of the plots are designed with landscape patches on all the side to bring-in a sense of vastness.
  • In the master plan the units are arranged to complement the site slope, facilitate aesthetic treatment of blocks and provide ample of natural light and ventilation.
  • Individual units have parking facilities within their respective plots.

The development draws inspiration from the contemporary modern architecture with mid rise residential units. The design is sensitive to the local hot-humid climate of the city.

The units have white wall facades with elements of stone and wood complementing the white facades

Detached roofs and large overhangs  are in rhythmic repetitions to create a distinct neighborhood. The roof lines are multi-level to create interest and asymmetry. Shaded decks are designed as transitional spaces between the public and the private zones. Large cantilevered balconies enhance the connect between inside and outside on the first floor.

Internal landscape and water courts allow the landscape from the outside to flow into the house creating an interesting relationship between the built and the landscape.

Optimal use of site conditions to create interesting street scapes.

The main boulevard is lined by a green belt on either side culminating at the club house-the main recreational and public zone of the development. The landscape, also representative of the theme, is in harmony with the villa, making the street scapes a visual treat. The villas are designed on either side of the road with green lung spaces at the front to make for an interesting streetscape with landscape as buffer between the public edge of the street and the house.


  • Each unit has internal landscaped courts and water courts in addition to the external garden and thus creates a diversified landscape experiences.
  • The central green space provides an urban green lung promoting a peaceful and harmonious environment for the community.


  • The Clubhouse forms a central focal point to the development.
  • The orientation of each of the units is such that it ensures ample of natural lighting and ventilation with less heat ingress.